If you’ve read previous posts, you’d understand that last year I became sort of a skincare product junkie. I’m currently at the stage where I make it a point of duty to purchase a skincare  product everytime I’m at a cosmetic store. Do I need help? I think not.

So for a while I’d been searching for a skin toning/lightening face cream and someone recommended this product, I’ve seen it work on someone else but I was skeptical because you know, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. I bought this product anyways, after a little research of course and… well, let’s get into the details.

Skincare Product description:

This review is on the AM shine glow (extreme whitening speckle and sunblock). Now I know you’re probably scared at the extreme whitening part, but this is not a bleaching cream. It contains ginseng which has a lot of benefits to the skin, including lightening and brightening up ones skin tone, anti-aging properties and it’s great for oily/sensitive skin. It comes in a 50g transparent jar with a gold lid, so you can actually see the contents, which is white in colour.

Here’s the really good part: It contains SPF (a whole 35) which protects from UV rays, therefore  avoiding sunburns and it also helps in fading acne and dark spots.


I got this cream for a good price at 3000 naira, from a cosmetic store in Wuse market. It’s got a really shiny, attractive packaging that screams your name when you sight it. It has a thick consistency and tends to dry up the skin upon application, which might not be a good thing if you already have dry skin. In my opinion, this product is best used as part of a skincare routine after cleansing and exfoliating because that’s when you get the best results.

At first, I was skeptical about the 7 days lightening it read on the pack, but I noticed that my skin tone got a little brighter after using it for a little above one week. I did a little sun experiment and I found that the heat of the sun wasn’t directly in my face and I didn’t get any sunburns.

Overall verdict:

Will I buy this product again? Hell yes! So far, it’s done a little good for my face and I would like that to continue so yes, I would purchase it when the one I have now is finished.

If you’re looking for a cream to tone your skin and give you a uniform complexion while protecting your face from the terrible wrath of the sun, then this might be your guy.

It is not so expensive, the price is somewhere between #3000 and #3500.

Like I said earlier, I got mine from a trusted cosmetic store in Wuse market. I would advice you to go to a store that you know sells authentic products, because like every other thing, there’d be fakes of this product too. If you’re not sure where to go, check here.

Do you use have a special cream for your face? If yes, which is it and why do you like it? Don’t forget to leave a comment.

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  1. I don’t have any special cream for my face because most times they make my face lighter than my body so I stopped. I usually exfoilate and use a clay mask or any face mask and it works for me. Just as you said, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. It all depends on skin type yh. Nice review btw 👍🏽

  2. Oluchi says:

    I’ve been on a never ending search for toning creams. My face almost 2 shades darker than the rest of my body and I’ve never liked it. I’m trying to hide that I’m eyeing this product in a not so good way. It’s a whooping 3k but it comes in such tiny packaging. Before the end of the month it’s definitely going to run out.

    1. leslieozoaka says:

      I’ve used it for almost a full month and it’s just gone half, it tends to last long because the consistency is thick and feels sticky on the face so you’d find yourself using a little at a time. What I do is, when I’m about to apply it, I take a blob and mix it with this other lotion and it goes a long way.

  3. Cynthia baby says:

    I am currently using the product but the purple package which also has ginseng and it is original…..and I have not had any complaints yet

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