Hey there, long time no see. It feels like forever since I last put out a blog post. Life comes at you fast you know,, one minute you’re taking a break for your mental health and the next minute you realize it’s five months deep and you’ve become too comfortable in your own personal space to even let your creativity flourish. Seeing that I’m currently trying to remove the cobwebs from my blog, I’ve decided to do sort of a life lately post. I like writing and reading taking stock posts and it’s only right in this moment that I fill you in on what’s going on in my little life. So…

Feeling: Uncertain, you know when you really want something but you don’t know how it’ll turn out in the end, so you just take the leap and hope everything ends up fine, that’s me.


Watching: Documentaries on convicted druglords. Here’s a secret, I always have a youtube obsession at every point in my life, sometimes it’s female serial killers, suicide stories…currently, it’s the Pablo Escobars and Griselda Blancos of the world.

Listening to: Invasion of privacy, I loveee Cardi B and I’m still stuck on her album.

Anticipating: Summer holiday. Heaven knows I am hundred percent over school, I’m done. Tired. I want to graduate now. Plis epp me.


Missing: England. It’s weird, because it’s been three years since I left, but recently I’ve found myself being taken back to moments and events that made my UK life. Hmm, maybe I’ll do a blog post on it.

Wearing: Monochrome clothing, and by monochrome I mean black and white, I feel like I’ve lost whatever fashion sense I was starting to acquire since my school enforced the black and white dress code for law students. I literally don’t know how to mix colours and prints anymore.

Eating: More like drinking… Iced coffee. I’m a coffee addict and I am not ashamed to admit, since I figured out how to make iced coffee myself, there’s been no stopping me.

Loving: Life. The time I took out to live in my element was so important, and even though I got too comfortable, I don’t regret one bit of it. I feel great and like I can conquer anything.

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