So you’re probably here because you’ve read my blog, you’re impressed and you’d love to work with me. Well guess what? I’m stoked you’re here and I’d love to work with you too, that is, as long as your brand fits into my niche, so send me an email and let’s make the world a better place, one collaboration at a time.

Oh, you’re a blogger and you want to collaborate with me too? I’m honoured! Send me an email or hit me up on Instagram and let’s discuss further.

Here’s some services I can offer

For brands: Honest, detailed product/service reviews, Social media promotion, product photography and Blog sidebar ads. Also feel free, to bring up your own ideas, I mean we’re all here to be creative, aren’t we?

For bloggers: Hit me up with whatever collaboration ideas you have and let’s make magic together. You know you want to.